TO : All Regional, Area, and Chapter Commanders

FROM : The Deputy Supreme Commander

SUBJECT : Learning More About Dr. Jose Rizal

Date : 13 September2019

The Supreme Council, in its regular meeting held last 17 August 2019, has unanimously approved to enjoin every member of the Order of Knights of Rizal, pursuant to RA No. 646, to study the life, works, and teachings of Dr. Jose Rizal, promote the true spirit of Rizalian patriotism and chivalry, inculcate and propagate |ofty ideals and exalted principles among Filipinos and other nationals, and by word and deed, exhort them to emulate and practice the examples set by our National Hero, thereby honoring and perpetuating his nobly consecrated memory.

In order to be worthy to be called Knights of Rizal, we are all reminded to give meaning and comply with this provision of law. How and what should be our parameters?

First, every Knight of Rizal should have a functional literacy and working knowledge about the national hero, like circumstances of his birth and death, parentage, education, personal traits and characteristics, travels, writings and teachings, acts of patriotism and martyrdom, ideals, and other important information about Rizal.

Second, as KOR Commanders, you are freely given wide latitude to design your own pedagogic methods or strategy of getting to know and learning more about our national hero. It is suggested, however, that in studying the life, works, teachings, ideals, and principles of Dr. Jose Rizal, we go back to basics, namely, readings and research work, lecture series and group discussion, academic exchanges of historical notes, symposia, and seminars/workshops. These activities must be included in the regular written accomplishment reports submitted to the international Headquarters.

Additionally, please take note of the following:

  1. The meritorious achievement of the region, area, and chapter shall be considered as part of the criteria in promotions, exaltations, and awards for special recognition;
  2. The KOR International Headquarters will conduct a national and International Quiz Bee on Dr. Jose Rizal early next year.
  3. Prizes for chapter, area, and regional level competitions will be decided by its concerned host chapter, area, and regional commanders;
  4. Winners for national competition will be given trophies, medals, books, 20 inch Rizal bust, and one rank promotion or special award/recognition certificate;
  5. Past Supreme Commanders and members with the rank of Knight Grand Ofticer of Flizal (KGOR) and Knight Grand Cross of Rizal (KGCR) are disqualified from joining said contests; and
  6. Regular members who undergo the standard initiation rites and screening by the local chapter Prefectural Tribunal must also undertake an orientation on the life, works, and teachings of Dr. Jose Rizal.

If you need additional information on the matter, you may write the Supreme Council at

Deputy Supreme Commander and Chairman of the Committee for Education, Seminars, Library and Museum

Noted and approved by:

Supreme Commander

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