Always cited, Rizal’s quotation “The youth is the hope of the Motherland” is always invoked in messages, speeches, and all kinds of rhetoric. This is indeed true because the youth will be the next generation of leaders and servants in the country.

Referencing the KoR Handbook, one of things a Knight of Rizal can do is to “help organize youth Rizalists for KAPARIZ” due to the fact that one of the specific objectives of the Order is to “train and to develop the Youth in character building, citizenship training, democratic leadership, enlightened nationalism and dedicated service to country and people.”

At this point, we are pleading to our fathers, the knights who are dispersed around the world: you can fulfill this duty by helping us. Let us create KAPARIZ chapters. Sponsor them and support them. With this we can continue the #justlikeRizal advocacy to the youth and the next generations.

Padre Florentino, in El Filibusterismo, asked where are the youth “who will dedicate their innocence, their idealism, their enthusiasm to the good of the country.” And here we are. So, are you up to the challenge, our beloved father Knights of Rizal?

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